Sports Desk

Welcome to the Sports Desk.

Here you will find out about the different PE lessons and other sporting opportunities the children are having each half term. In addition we will tell you about any awards children have got by participating in out of school sports. Please let us know about any of these – children can bring in their trophy / certificate / medal on a Friday where it will be mentioned in our weekly “Wow” Assembly.

The children were given a ‘Summer Sporting Challenge’ to complete over the summer holidays. They were asked to write down the amount of time they participated in any sport. The response from the children has been fantastic with many of them completing over 20 hours. They also did many different sports ranging from football to swimming to skiing. Well done everyone.

PE this half term:

Year R – children will be taught fundamental skills needed for all PE. These skills include travelling at different speeds, different directions and in different ways (such as hopping, skipping and running)

Year 1 – children will be taught different gymnastic skills and will have time with a specialist football coach. In gymnastics, the children will be learning about the different gymnastics positions that are used throughout all gymnastic disciplines, such as pike, tuck and straddle.

Year 2 – children will be learning to skip and dance. In dance, the children will be learning about the different vocabulary used, such as unison and canon and be able to use 4 different actions to perform a sequence to music. They will be using a piece of text from a Katie Morag story as their stimulus for their actions.


Sports for champions

On Monday the 11th of February we had a very exciting visit from a professional athlete called Robert Mitchell.

Each class took part in a ‘keep fit circuit’ led by Robert himself and it was lots of fun! They completed activities such as spotty dogs, star jumps, press ups, mountain climbers and the plank which showed the children different ways they could keep fit and healthy.

Robert then led an assembly to the children talking about how to stay fit and healthy and what it takes to become a professional athlete. 


Owls play Dodgeball at Upper Shirley High

On Friday 12th January, Owls took a trip to Upper Shirley High to take part in a Dodgeball tournament with other Schools from the Jefferys Education Partnership. They all had a fabulous time and are top of the league!!! A fantastic result - well done Owls!

Please see further photos in our gallery.