Learning Council

Learning Council are responsible for gathering pupil voice about our school curriculum and values! They work with Mrs Clifford to collect, analyse and feedback childrens' views. Any findings are then actioned and shared with Ms Dobson or Governors. 

Previously, Learning Council have fed back on role play corners in classes with a focus on how they support learning. The children have explored our school values and collected childrens' ideas of what the words mean to them. This was very successful as it proved children have a clear understanding of the school's values. Learning Council have also evaluated our PE provision involving staff and children to ensure high quality PE for all.

This academic year, so far, Learning Council have looked at the quality of books in the book corner and have purchased new books requested by the children to enhance these reading areas. We are currently looking at ‘Curriculum Pledges’ which every child should have access to over their time at Hollybrook Infant School. We look forward to sharing these with you very soon!

Learning Council Information

There are currently no Learning Council documents to view