School Council

Spring Term 2019

This term Pupil Council have been focusing on achieving our next Healthy School Award. Hollybrook Infant School are currently working towards the Healthy High Five award. As part of this award we are continuing to eat healthy school meals, drink enough water throughout the day, practise mindfulness for a minute a day and run, walk or jog a mile a day!

We have been encouraging our classes to take part in the daily mile as part of this award. We know how important it is to exercise regularly and have high activity levels so it has been up to us to remind our teachers and monitor how we are getting on! We are aiming to keep up our daily mile four times a week. This helps us improve our health, focus and concentration!

Here’s what some of the children say about the daily mile:

“It helps you get more exercise, be healthy and strong and gives you more energy.” Year 2 child

“I like it because it gives me more energy, keeps me healthy and it’s fun!” Year 1 child

“Daily mile is when you go round the playground. You go round and round running and it’s so much fun.” Year R child

Pupil Council are monitoring our progress with the Healthy High Five award and we will let you know when we achieve it!

Soon we will be discussing fundraising ideas for Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March 2019!

Autumn Term 2018

We have now elected our Pupil Council for this school year! We feel very excited to be on Pupil Council and have extra responsibility. It is our job to talk about how we can make our school an even better place or to help plan important events such as fundraising for Children in Need or Red Nose Day.

Our Pupil Council are voted in through using democracy. They have to give a speech to argue why they should be chosen to represent their class and are voted for at the start of the year.

Please see the gallery for all our members of our Pupil Council


Children In Need 2017

For Children In Need 2017, all children and staff were invited to wear something spotty in return for making a donation. We raised an amazing £175.52 so thank you for your support!!


Christmas Tree Festival

Before Christmas, we worked with the Junior School pupil council to make Christmas decorations for a competition.

We put our decorations on a Christmas tree at the Guildhall in Southampton and we are excited to tell you that WE WON!

School Council update - 18/01/17

With the help of the whole school, Pupil Council managed to raise £208.98 for children in need . We all enjoyed wearing our spots. Well done everyone.

This term Pupil Council have done a tour of the school to identify any areas in the school that might need improving. One area highlighted was the stage area in the outdoor court-yard so we will be talking about ideas and doing designs as to how we might improve this area for learning and make it more exciting to use.

We will also be looking at encouraging a healthy schools attitude over the next couple of months.

Thank you for your support,

School Council

Pupil Focus for this term : Our playground wall

We aim to:

Make it more appealing

Set up/paint on targets for us to use during PE lessons and PDR